Even the most feature-rich software can sometimes benefit from some tailoring. PHP Event Calendar is no different: to obtain optimal results for your organization, a certain amount of customization may be required. The extent of this customization will depend on a combination of your project requirements, the product’s current features, and your organization’s existing infrastructure and its extensibility.

Benefits of Customizing the Event Calendar

Customizing event calendar can allow end users to adapt more easily with their existing software tools and familiar UI elements. For developers, a customized event calendar provides comprehensive access to custom code, business logic rules, as well as consistent implementation which can be easily adapted to serve other clients or used as a basic platform by other developers. By combining these aspects of total control and flexibility, we can ensure that the software will meet your exact specifications, as well as a smoother transition as your organization becomes familiar with the tailored event calendar.

How We Do Software Customization

To ensure a successful outcome, we begin the PHP event calendar customization process by making a comprehensive study of your specific project requirements. We discuss with you over the finest details of each line item that needs to be built and prioritize the work to be done. We eliminate any ambiguities that might result in incorrect assumptions about how features should work. We even look beyond event calendar requirements on paper for any informal or undocumented processes that may indirectly have an impact on the use of the calendar.

Finally, we review the work and milestone with you at regular intervals to ensure satisfactory outcomes. As a client, you can help us with the customization process by providing valuable feedback early and often.

Customer Testimonial (Vrezey Software)


Recently we had the pleasure of working with Richard and his team at PHP Event Calendar to integrate their awesome calendar it into our PHP booking system. A highlight for us was the teams professionalism and ability to contribute with ideas for creating optimal integrity between the various 3rd party PHP modules within our system.

Avron Rubin, CEO, Vreze Pty Ltd

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Case Study 1 – PHP Event Calendar, Vrezey Software

Vrezey Software helps medical practices spread over multiple locations maximize performance by having all data (operational, marketing, financial, booking etc) in one easy-to-use, integrated platform. Vrezey’s end-to-end software solution was designed from the ground up to provide real-time, accurate data to all authorized users in the network.

One of the basic requirements of any health care provider is a powerful, efficient, and versatile appointment calendar booking module. The PHP Event Calendar team worked closely with Vreze developers to create a custom-designed event calendar, a critical part of its patient booking system. It was then integrated into their comprehensive software platform which manages:

  • Communications & Engagement Solutions
  • Operational & Practice Management Solutions
  • Medical and Electronic Health Records (EHR) Solutions
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
  • Appointment/Booking Calendar

By incorporating our custom-designed calendar module, Vrezey Software can now provide an elegant solution to achieve the following benefits:

  • Appointment booking at multiple locations
  • Customization of available services at individual locations
  • Efficient management of employee schedules
  • Temporary restriction of appointments depending on available resources

Main UI of the custom-designed calendar for booking patient appointments. Each box represents the availability of a particular resource situation and is color-coded based on service type.

Custom event calendar booking window (in lightbox). Appointments can be scheduled based on office location or hours, the practitioner’s itinerary and/or speciality.


Custom event calendar day view. “Grayed-out” time slots indicate non-bookable hours for a particular office.

Calendar displaying employee work shift roster.
Custom event calendar settings. Accessible only to administrators, allows the system administrator to configure the calendar for a particular office location.
Custom event calendar user permissions. Allows the system administrator to define the services available to any individual practitioner.
Custom event calendar employee work shift settings. This example shows the starting and ending time of the lunch break.
Custom event calendar admin settings. These can be programmed to allow certain services, equipment and other resources to become available to a specific office location at a given date or time.
Custom event calendar user management. This example shows user access permission settings.
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Case Study 2 – Cosmosys Event Calendar


Richard’s excellent team can deliver the majority of points laid out in my roadmap with minimal direction and support other than what I have already given them!

Mark Clulow, Snr. Manager, Special Projects

Headquartered in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, with over 10,000 employees world wide, Cosmosupplylab is a leading industry player in the field of product design & development for advanced engineered soft-goods, mobile device storage & accessories. The company provides solutions from material and technology Research to Designs Development, Testing and Production.

Cosmosys is the company internal web-based data and asset management system, built using PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL and Javascript.

Cosmosupplylab hired us to create a custom event calendar with the following requirements:

  1. Colleague’s birthdays group calendar
  2. Employee work anniversaries calendar
  3. Meeting room status (booked / available)
  4. Double booking prevention
  5. Important recurring events like monthly management meetings and monthly staff reviews
  6. Seamless integration Cosmosys existing Bootstrap framewwork
  7. Bilingual support (English and Chinese)

Birthday group calendar

Birthday group calendar

Personal Calendar – month view


Personal Calendar Week View


Bootstrap integration


Event room resource management


Calendar – Add new user


Event booking – venue dropdown display

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