Subscribe and receive automatic updates from calendars with public web address such as Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, etc. No longer need to import events manually. Subscribing to an iCal is a good way to track events that change frequently, like movie times, or a school calendar. Whenever the owner of an iCal you’ve subscribed to makes changes to the events, PHP Event Calendar updates your calendar. Note that this update can take more than 24 hours.

There are two ways to add a calendar:

  • Import a static calendar that doesn’t update automatically (known as an ICS file).
  • Subscribe to a calendar online and receive automatic updates (known as an ICS subscription or an iCal subscription).

What’s the difference?

Importing an ICS file provides a snapshot of the events in the calendar at the time of import. Your calendar doesn’t refresh the imported events automatically—even if the calendar’s owner makes an update.

Subscribing to an iCal online calendar connects it to your calendar. Whenever the owner of the iCal makes changes, those changes automatically appear in your calendar.


  • Subscribe and receive automatic updates from calendars with public web address
  • Subscribe and forget! This add-on will automatically synchronizes with subscribed calendars
  • Works the best with events that change frequently such as sports and concerts

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