PHP Event Calendar packs with advanced features such as repeating events and event reminder. For event reminder works with hosts with cron job enabled to send out emails reminders time specified by users.

One or more emails are supported for event email reminders.

It’s required to setup a CRON job on your server for the following script. The CRON job will trigger the script to execute and find all the reminders and email them (Additional read: How to setup CRON job?).


Example to setup cron to run reminder every 30 min

*/30 * * * * cd /Users/richard/Sites/localhost/phpEventCalendar/crons && php events-reminder.php

Lastly, the calendar uses PHPMailer for sending emails. Set SMTP in sendEmail() function in the following file:



In the future release, users can set reminders to send SMS text messages or voice reminders to telephones.


Addition Resource Setting up Cron